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Some higher education institutions arrange their own supplementary application rounds if all study places are not filled in the autumn joint application. Supplementary application rounds take place between 27 November and 19 December 2017.

Available study options in English


How to apply in joint application

In Studyinfo you can see most of the universities’ and university of applied sciences’ (UAS) degree programmes offered in English.  You can access the application form from each programme and from the Studyinfo front page. Please note that you can apply online without registering.

Check the exact dates and instructions from the programme’s information page. There may also be some Bachelor´s level degree programmes in English in separate applications.

Read these instructions before you apply!

  1. Find study options with the search engine
  • As search words you can use different educations, a specific education institution or a field of study that interests you.
  • The programme overview includes information and key aspects of the different study programmes.
  • Find more information on how to apply in the study programme overviews.
  1. Compare study options
  • Add interesting study programmes to your shortlist by clicking “Add to shortlist”.
  • Compare different options.
  1. Apply to the study programme
  • Choose up to six (6) study programmes that you wish to apply to from your shortlist and click “Fill in application form”.
  • You can also go to the application form directly from the study programme that you have chosen by clicking “Apply”. You can also access the application form through the Studyinfo front page application calendar.
  • You can apply to up to six (6) study programmes with the same joint application form.
  • The chosen study programmes have to be set in an order of preference. The order of preference is binding after the application period closes and the order will determine what study place is offered to you, if you are accepted to study.
  • If you wish to apply also on the second application period in the spring joint application, you cannot apply to all 6 possible study programme options during the first application period. Read more from How to make changes to your study programme choices.
  1. Fill in the application form
  • Please note that no registration is needed for filling in the application form. You do not have to log in. Just open the form and start.
  • Fill in the application form step by step. The application service will guide and help you through the process to make sure that you fill in all the information correctly.
  • Remember to place the study options in order of preference, so that the option you prefer most is first on the application (see also: How to make changes to your study programme choices).
  • If you are admitted to a study place, you will only be offered one. Your academic results will be checked to determine the highest option to which your results will be enough.

How to fill in the application form

  1. Submit the application
  • Preview your information and submit the application.
  • Print out the application or send it to yourself and print it out later.
  • Write down your application number for future reference.
  • A confirmation that the application form has been received will be sent to the email address given in the application form.
  • You can make changes to your application and the chosen study programmes by using a link given in the confirmation email. Please note that this link is personal!  Giving it to someone else means they can make changes to your application that will be binding after the application period has ended.
  • Submit the required attachments on time.
  1. Participate in entrance examination
  1. Accept the study place
  • You will receive a notification with the application results from the higher education institution. It also includes instructions on accepting the study place and registration as well as important dates.
  • You can accept only one study place per term.
  • Confirm the study place by following the university’s or UAS’ guidelines.
  • Register at the university or UAS.

Also check out Applicant’s checklist.

Postponing the beginning of studies

You can register as non-attending for the academic year only for the following reasons:

  • If you are unable to begin your studies due to illness or disability and will be non-attending for one semester or the whole academic year.
  • Maternity leave, paternity leave or parental leave.
  • Completion of military service, civilian service or voluntary military service for women in Finland.