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Some higher education institutions arrange their own supplementary application rounds if all study places are not filled in the autumn joint application. Supplementary application rounds take place between 27 November and 19 December 2017.

Available study options in English


Results of separate applications

If you are offered a study place either from the joint application or separate applications or both, please read the instructions on accepting a study place and one study place per term provision.

Universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS) inform the applicants about the results of separate applications as they make their decision. If you have applied to several study programmes, you will receive a separate notification from each institution.

You will receive the admission notification by email or through post. The result of the admission will also be published in the My Studyinfo-service.

When will the results of separate applications arrive?

The dates for the results of separate applications vary between institutions. Check the exact dates of admission results from the institution’s own website. From there you can also find extra information as well as more detailed instructions on how to accept the study place.

Accept the study place

In order to begin your studies in the university or UAS, you need to accept the offered study place. Accept the study place by the appointed deadline, otherwise you will lose the place.

You can accept the study place electronically or by returning a confirmation letter by post. If you receive an email with a notification that you have been granted a study place, you can use the link in the email to confirm the place.

If you have a Finnish ID number and online banking credentials, mobile certificate or an electronic identity card you can also accept a place of study by logging in to the My Studyinfo -service. In other case, return the confirmation form through mail. Remember that the letter must reach the recipient by the appointed deadline.

Your confirmation of the study place is binding and you may not alter or cancel it later.

Were you placed on a waiting list and you want to wait for acceptance to a higher preference?

In some separate applications you may have the choice of confirming a study place but remaining on a waiting list for a higher preference. Usually this means that you have applied to several study programmes in the same higher education institution in separate application.

If you choose to confirm a lower preference and remain on the waiting list for a higher preference, and you are later accepted to the higher preference you are waiting for, the higher preference will automatically become your bindingly confirmed study place. The study place with lower preference that you previously confirmed will be cancelled automatically.

If you are not accepted to your higher preference, the lower prefefernce that you previusly confirmed will become your bindingly accepted study place.

One study place per term provision

You can accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree in Finland in education that begins in the same academic term. The provision applies to all higher education, both joint application and separate applications.

Read more on the one place per term provision.

How do I use the My Studyinfo-service?

If you have a Finnish ID number and Finnish online banking credentials, mobile certificate or an electronic identity card, you can also find the results of your own admission from the My Studyinfo-service where you can accept the study place.

You can track your application from the My Studyinfo-service. If you are on a waiting list, you can track the progress of your situation.

Sign in from the link on the top of the Studyinfo website. You will need Finnish online banking credentials, mobile certificate or an electronic identity card in order to log in. Accept the study place according to the service’s instructions.

Register in the higher education institution and start your studies

In addition to confirming a study place, you also need to register in the higher education institution in question by the appointed time.

Often you will receive the documents you require to be able to register to the higher education institution with your acceptance letter. The required documents may vary from one institution to another. These documents must be delivered to your UAS or university as soon as possible, by the time indicated in the acceptance letter. Please reserve enough time for the postal delivery.

Not all higher education institutions send information on starting their studies directly to the new students. Go to the institution’s website and read the instructions for new students. From the webpages you will also find the exact dates by which you need to register.

Questions about receiving and accepting a study place

If you have any questions regarding the results of your application and/or accepting a study place, please contact the UAS’s or university’s admission services. Higher education institutions are required to provide guidance and counselling for applicants.